Little Ninjas (4–5)

Our Little Ninjas class for preschoolers and kindergarteners is a great way to introduce your little one to the benefit of martial arts training. Students come once or twice a week for a 30-minute, action-packed class. Little Ninja classes focus on learning, self-discipline, listening, concentration and physical coordination. Games are a big part of this class, so your child can learn these skills in a fun and positive atmosphere.

A typical class will consist of a quick warm-up with some running and exercises, a stretch, and then learning the basics of karate with the instructors’ help. There are always multiple instructors for each class, which allows us to give lots of attention to every child and make sure they are being challenged just the right amount.

Currently, available classes are:

Sundays: 3:30PM – 4:00PM

Tuesdays: 4:15PM – 4:45PM

Thursdays: 4:15PM – 4:45PM

Cost is $70 per month for one class/week. Cost is $95 per month for up to two classes/week. Uniforms are $70 each. All prices include GST.

Evaluation Will Ensure Your Child Is Ready For Program

All children must first pass an evaluation before being accepted into the program. This evaluation is like a free trial class and by appointment only. The purpose is to make sure your child is ready for the program and to determine if they can benefit from our instruction. If your child’s evaluation is successful, then they will be permitted to register. Call us anytime at 604-845-8845 to schedule your appointment.

Family Discount

If more than one person from the same household joins our club, there is a family discount. The first member pays full price, the second gets $10 off, and any others get $20 off. This discount only applies to family members living at the same address, not extended family from multiple households.

Try a free trial class before you join.